System and Software Evaluation Center

The System and Software Evaluation Center performs third-party evaluation and certification of processes and products in the area of Information Technology, according to given requirements and standards to meet the needs of users, suppliers and public administration


  • Models and Methods for Software Product Evaluation:
    Software Product Evaluation aims at determining the fit between the software product and the needs of that product. This fit concerns both explicit and implicit needs about the product, often referred to as software product quality. A software product can be evaluated according different perspectives ranging from its internal characteristics to its external behavior. This topic addresses the definition of techniques to determine information about quality of software product and sound approaches for using such information as support for making decision.
  • Software Certification:
    Certification is a third-party activity having the purpose of establishing the compliance of a given item with respect a reference standard or set of requirements. This topic is considers the challenges and peculiarities of software certification. This topic is closely related to Software Process Evaluation, Software Process Measurement and Software Process Assessment topics, and it addresses, in particular, the validity, repeatability and rigour of the certification applied to software items (products or processes).
  • Software Process Assessment and Improvement:
    The quality of the final software product as well as the optimization of the resources involved in the software development are dependent on the effectiveness and maturity of the processes used by an organization. This topic addresses the definition of models for defining and assessing processes. It includes the identification of quality characteristics of processes, the definition of proper process attributes and indicators for process rating and improvement.
  • Software Product Measurement:
    The availability and a proper use of measurements is a key factor for the success of software development, maintenance and acquisition initiatives. Software is inherently difficult to measure. This topic addresses the identification of meaningful and not trivial measures for software products, the determination of the actual information every measure is able to provide, the analysis of the proper usage of measures, and the performance of empirical studies for validating the effectiveness of software product measurement initiatives.